Featured Performers

1001 Nights hosts some of the Valley’s notable belly dance talent for evening shows every Friday and Saturday from 7:30pm-7:55pm.

Belly Dancers


Melisula began her love affair with bellydance and all things Middle Eastern white working at Greek restaurant in Northern CA in 1998, and over the years has performed in several states and the Bahamas, showing her passion for the dance and culture in her performances and events she supports and produces. Melisula has also become an accomplished costume designer.


Rukshana (rook SHAH na) has been performing regularly in Phoenix venues since 2004. She is well known for her work with balance props—specifically tray and sword. She was a founding member of The Dojo Girls—an American Cabaret and Indian Fusion troupe, and currently dances with Phoenician Fire Dance Company ( Lebanese and Egyptian Cabaret).


Inanna has been performing and teaching various styles of bellydance here in the valley for the last five years, after having relocated from the New York City area, where she started bellydancing professionally in 2006. Here at 1001 Nights, you can see Inanna showing love to her Classic American Cabaret/Egyptian Bellydance roots, though she’s also often found performing Tribal/Dark Fusion, Turkish Romany, and her own signature style of Musical Theater/Jazz-Influenced Bellydance! Inanna is the proud director of Alchemista Bellydance Company, Phoenix’s first Dark Fusion Bellydance troupe, and is also the Artistic Director of Vraja Productions, is a member of Vega Arts and Entertainment company, and is a regular teacher at Toolbox Dance Studio.


Zoriy is an elegant and passionate dancer known for her dynamic performances including fan veils, sword and fire. Her primary training focused on Egyptian and American Cabaret Style belly dance. She is a former member of the award winning dance troupe Raqs Sharki Movement Collective.